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Vanilla Sandalwood Bar

Vanilla Sandalwood Bar

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By Wild Mountain Soap Co.

Made in hip Fayetteville, WV. This warm and inviting bar of soap is sweet and creamy yet woodsy enough for men to use if desired.

The key players in each bar of Wild Mountain soap are a blend natural ingredients designed to sooth, protect and moisturize your skin. We have made soap out of everything imaginable, Crisco, lard, several different oils,

Coconut oil – Makes the bar harder and last longer.
Palm oil – Creamy lather and one of the best oils to make soap.
Olive oil – Isn’t just for dining; skin loves it therapeutic properties and moisturizing goodness.
Shea butter – Is the icing on the moisturizing cake. It softens, heals and sends dry skin packing.
Castor Oil – Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles.
Lye – Makes the magic happen. It turns all the oils into soap. Soap can not be made without it. We add 5% more oil to our mixture than what is necessary to make sure there is no lye left at the end of the soap making process.
Fragrance – Although we do make soap without scent, we also use both essential oils and high quality fragrance oils in our soaps. With dozens of scents from which to choose, we’re pretty sure you’ll find more than one favorite.
Last ingredient is Time. It takes time for the soap to cure. 97% of the process is done in three days. That last 3% takes between 4 and 6 weeks to happen and makes all the difference in making the bar of soap last longer and feel better on the skin.

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